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Spam Policy

Dace Web Solutions maintains a zero-tolerance stance towards spam and treats any spam-related issues with utmost seriousness, adhering to stringent spam policy guidelines.


Employing state-of-the-art Antivirus and Antispam filters on our servers, we consistently update our security measures.

Our comprehensive filtering service includes Mailscanner, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, DCC, SARE, Dictionary Attack ACL, and Vipuls Razor.

Spam constitutes approximately 35 percent of received messages, with nearly one in every hundred spam emails carrying a virus, resulting in potential global costs reaching billions of dollars annually.


The removal of a virus from a single PC can incur costs exceeding $600, while server cleanup costs surpass $50,000. Each incoming email undergoes processing through our filtering service, boasting a 95 percent accuracy rate in virus detection.

Dace's Spam Policy is unwaveringly strict, collaborating with host servers, external entities, and internal components to combat spamming and spam abuse. Individuals engaging in such activities will face legal consequences.


We align with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, prohibiting customers, links, or affiliated partners from participating in spamming activities. In accordance with FTC regulations, offenders may face fines up to $11,000, with reports submitted to relevant authorities.


All emails from Dace Web Solutions include a legitimate return address, reply-to address, opt-out method in the footer, and the sender's physical address. Informational emails and advertisements are dispatched only to recipients who have given explicit consent.

Our spam filtering services include:


An open-source email security system processing over 500 million emails daily, removing 2 million viruses, and identifying almost 80 million spam messages. Utilized by top government departments, corporations, and educational institutions, MailScanner is renowned for its stability, reliability, and impressive performance. It updates installed virus scanners hourly, eliminates graphic and obscene content from pornographic spam, and employs advanced heuristics.


Integrated with mail servers, this GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX scans attachments, featuring a fast, flexible, multi-threaded daemon, automatic online updates, and a command-line scanner.


An email filter employing an integrated range of tests to identify spam, SpamAssassin employs a multi-technique approach, modularity, and extensibility, giving it an edge over other anti-spam systems. Adaptable to email management for clients and servers, various operating systems, and other policy activities.

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